DECIHELL - Business Clothes for Rockers!
It sounds strange for a moment.
Rock, Metal and Business – does it really fit together? And how!

Ourselves are addicted to rock and metal music since our earliest youth – we were constantly on festivals, concerts and in clubs where rock music was played – we were musicians on stage with different bands or work as DJs and made people dance. But now the frock hangs in the closet most of the time and our style of clothes changed slightly less conspicuous. We have become somewhat calmer. Shirt and suit worn on the job.

But why should we wear shirts from brands who stand for nothing and are produced under adverse conditions? We need to have our own brand!

A brand that embodies the very essence of Rock and suits the social dress code at the same time. For all the people who have grown with their idols, work as doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs and settle down to family life by that time – but who will never stop loving Rock music. Once Rocker, always Rocker!

"Up the devilhorns" is the unmistakable message from DECIHELL




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